Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shootin Fun

This past week for my 33rd birthday, Kenn, Eric, Bruce, and I went shooting. Since it was my first time ever shooting a real gun (not a paintball gun, or a BB gun), I needed to document the whole thing. Unfortunately I accidentally erased the first pictures of me shooting, but you can imagine how awesome they were.

Here's me, Kenn, and Eric (the picture of Bruce was among those that were erased)

This is my first target (using a .22 pistol 15 ft away)-
not too shabby for my first time.

Kenn and I had a shoot off- 10 shots, 25 ft away.
I'm on the left, Kenn is on the right.

This was my favorite target practice of the day- Kenn's groundhog.
First he make the groundhog quit smoking, then he decided to ruin the poor thing's weekend.
So much fun!!! Can't wait to go again!

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