Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adult Family Dinner

On January 11, 2010 We went out for our annual Lalliss Family Adult dinner. Scott and Kelly couldn't make it and of course they were greatly missed, but everyone else was able to attend. Originally we planned to go to the Blue Iguana but the day before our dinner, the restaurant decided to have a main water line break so we ended up at La Frontera Mexican restaurant in Bountiful.

Here's pictures of the great crew:

Mom and Dad looking overly thrilled with all the kids and noise
Mike and Michelle
Rick and Kim
Jannette and Martin
Monique and Paul
Brian and Suz
Eric and Jill
Kenn and I didn't actually get a picture together, but here is one of him with Paul
And as for me, I would say I was the only normal one of the bunch, but I actually showed up to the family dinner looking like a polygamist.
(the story behind my outfit is I was cleaning out my parents basement and came up on this wonderful quilted dress that my mom made and use to wear in the late 60's, early 70's. It fit me perfect so Eric dared/bet me to wear it out in public. What better way to pay honor to my mother's fine work of art than by wearing it to the family dinner. Since it is such a conservative dress, I went with the polygamist wife theme. I was definitely the talk of the party and now I am $10 richer for doing it).


Christina said...

You are hilarious! I would loved to have heard what people at the nearby tables were saying your lovely ensemble.

Oh, and welcome back to the blogging world. Where have you been?

Jolene said...

Our laptop computer (that I usually use for blogging) has been down. I finally decided to use our dinosaur computer that doesn't work as well since I'm falling so behind in my blogging.
It's true I was getting quite a few stares and many people whispering as I walked by. It probably didn't help that I was accompanied by Kenn and my sister Monique- but hey it's Utah afterall!

Aim Aug said...

Nice digs! Luke looks just like you. So cute. Congrats on the baptism. We did one in December...hectic during the holidays, but a nice start (or in your case, end) to the season. So fun!

Kel's Husband said...

Thanks a lot, by the way. Nice! I've had lots of people out here ask me about polygamy. I should put up a picture of you at work and when people ask, I'll say, "that's my sister. It's been a while since I've seen or talked to her. She moved to the compound and is no longer allowed outside communication..."