Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay 2010

What is the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay you ask?

It's 190 miles of beautiful scenery, 32 hours of nonstop tag team running by 12 team mates, full of priceless memories and challenges. Each team member runs 3 different legs varying in length (between 3-10 miles) and difficulty.
I ran one of the easier legs that consisted of 3 different runs of 4 miles each. My first and last run were pretty flat surfaces, but my second leg was all uphill. I had 2 runs in the late afternoon in the hot sun, and one run in the middle of the night at 4 AM. Overall it was very fun and pushed me physically more than I thought I could do (especially since prior to my second run I was dehydrated, exhausted, and throwing up). I hated every minute of the running, but once I was done I couldn't wait to do it again (something that non runners just don't understand). I had such a great time and learned so much about myself that I'm in the process of gathering a Ragnar team together to run the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay later this year.

Team No Fetus Can Beat Us
Camille Clark, Laura Gleed, Karyn Youn (driver), Bonnie Hellar, Brian Hanton (and son Cooper), Whitney Oberle, Taylor Hanton (and daughter Abby), Marci Whitehead (driver), Jennifer Whitehead, Judy Tatton, Jolene Johnson, and Jennifer Strader. (missing Shawn Ward and Lynnell Giles)

(our full team minus me because I was on my 1st run, but my van is in the background to represent me)

We had a great time decorating the vans (complete with Christmas lights)

Here I am running my 1st leg. You can't see it but my face is beet red and I'm dripping sweat because I ran 4 miles in 90+ degree heat.

Along the way I ran into one of my best friends Alysha Jenkins (she was on another team)

My first running medal!

Thank you Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay for an amazing challenge. See ya next year.