Monday, June 22, 2009

End of School Year

I know this is a little late posting, but I want to congratulate all my kids on another successful school year. They were real troopers by continually doing their best while sacrificing activities through the year while we worked hard on our home remodel.
The 2008-2009 school year was a big year for everyone- Alexa graduated from Tolman Elementary school ( junior high here we come); Jacob had to learn the ropes for a new school, (Centerville Elementary for the spectrum program which is an advanced placement class for gifted students); Luke learned to tolerate all day school while making lots of new friends in 1st grade; and of course Molly was her cute little self that everyone just adores and loves.

Here is Jacob at his end of school program. His 3rd grade class performed a ukulele concert, and then were presented awards. Jacob completed his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees by doing extra homework, projects, and community service throughout the year. Jacob, we love you and couldn't be more proud of all your hard work.

A few pictures of Jacob's ukulele concert

Luke had a great time in Mrs. Binghams class. He was able to make lots of new friends, and he learned how to become a great reader!! These are a few pictures of Luke's class during our field trip to Artic Circle (which the kids earned by meeting their reading goals). Luke, thanks for all the laughs and adventures. We love you!!

Alexa finished off her elementary experience with a graduation ceremony/party. The 6th grade sang songs, had a video presentation of pictures and activities throughout the year (which Mrs. Watkins gave a copy to each student), and then the students received their certificates. Alexa did extra work/projects through the year, so in addition to her completion certificate for elementary school, she also earned Associates, Bachelors, and Master's Degrees. Alexa, thank you for all your hard work and for being such a great example not only to your siblings and parents, but also to your friends and the community. We love you!!

Alexa and Mr. Watkins

These are some of the 6th graders who are also in our ward (minus Michelle)- Parker (Alexa's current love interest), Michael, Cierra, Nicole, and Alexa

This is a picture of the graduating 6th grade class (sorry it's a little fussy, it's a picture of a picture). Alexa is on the front row in the green shirt, sitting by the principle.

Alexa and Molly in front of Tolman Elementary

To celebrate the end of school year, we took the kids to Applebee's for dinner

And here's the caboose of our family, Molly wishing you a happy and fun summer!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


We always love going to the Bee's games (it's probably one of our favorite summer activities), so of course we had to go when the Iowa Cubs were in town (since Kenn is a die hard Cubs fan).
On Monday night (May 18th), we went with the Smith Family, and then the next morning Kenn, Molly and I went to a day game (which also happened to be the game that all the 5th graders in the Salt Lake area attended- so it was us and a lot of prepubescent kids). The Bees lost both games (which Kenn didn't mind), but we had so much fun anyway.

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Memorial Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day was perfect weather!! We packed the kids up for a fun day out in the sun. Unfortunately everyone else in Utah had the same idea- it was very crowded everywhere we went. We ended up hiking up Memory Grove, and took lots of great pictures along the way.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

March 2007

** archived photos for my own documentation **

These are some random photos of the Johnson family during March 2007. The South Davis Rec Center had just opened and the kids enjoyed frequenting the swimming pool. We also had a family pass to the Hogle Zoo, so that was also a family favorite to visit.

Kenn and Molly
Molly surveying the pool


Alexa (I love her eyes in this picture)


Molly and Alexa playing on the piano

Luke at the ape exhibit

Jolene at the ape exhibit (no Eric this is not my usual habitat)

Luke and Molly

Luke feeding the giraffe

Thanks for visiting, come back soon!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christmas Pictures 2006

*** archive photos for my own documentation ***

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cabbage Contest

**These photos are again from the archives**

At the end of Alexa's 3nd grade (June 2006), her teacher (Mrs. Peterson) gave each student a small cabbage plant and challenged them to grow the plant. Alexa brought her small little plant home and we ended up planting it in my parents large garden. We totally forgot about it until one day in September my dad called wondering if we were ever going to come pick the cabbage. We were very impressed with the final product (too bad we didn't know about it earlier or Alexa could have entered her cabbage in the Utah State fair).

I think Alexa looks so cute (and young) in these pictures (and her eyes are an incredible green/blue) . I especially like how she looks so proud of her work.

Alexa's baptism

I decided I needed to take a break from our house (both working on it, talking about it, and blogging about it). Today I was organizing some of the pictures on my computer and I came upon a lot of photo's that I would like to post for my own documentation (some of the photos are a few years old, prior to when I started my blog).

Here's some pictures of Alexa prior to her baptism June 2, 2005

Alexa was baptized by her father Kenn in the historic Bountiful LDS Tabernacle (which happens to be our regular church building). My mother Diann made her dress (since I can't sew worth anything). Alexa was baptized along with her good friend Cierra Martin. It was a really fun day. The weather was perfect, and after the baptism we had a large barbecue/wienie roast in my parent's garden. I happened to be 7 months pregnant and just finished my Master's Degree in Nursing a few weeks prior to this, so we had lots of things going on in our life. Alexa has pretty much been a model daughter and continues to impress us with her decisions. We love her so much and couldn't have asked for a better child.