Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night.

This evening we spend our first Christmas Eve in our new home. We had our traditional breakfast for dinner (waffles, fruit and whip cream, bacon, OJ, and cinnamon rolls), read the Christmas story in Luke Ch. 2 (after some discussion with the kids about why we need to remember Christ rather than focus on Santa and presents), and then said prayers and put the kids off to bed.

Here's the milk, cookies, carrots, and notes for Santa
(I especially like the touch of leaving a knife for Santa to cut the carrots into smaller pieces for the reindeer).

This was Jake and Luke's note to Santa:
In case you can't read it, it says:
Dear Santa,
Please enjoy our milk and cookies. The carrots are for the raindeer (reindeer). Use the knife to cut them. Bewar (beware) of our dog Tazer, the one in the ref suit, so send your best prep and landing teams.
Thank you,
The Johnsons

While it is fun to think about the Santa and presents, we as a family have agreed to try to scale back a little on all the commercialism. It is still quite a work in progress, but I feel we are moving in the right direction to make Christmas more special, more religious. We even discussed trying to do more service for our family and especially for others. Here's hoping it works.
I have been so blessed this past year with a secure job, a nice home, good health, and a great family. While it is so easy to get caught up in all the commotion and commercialism of Christmas, I hope we all remember what we are really celebrating. I am especially grateful this holiday season to remember my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ- his birth, his examples of service throughout his life, his death, and his resurrection. May we all have a Merry "Christ"mas. God bless you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sweet Dreams......

Molly's last picture as a 3 year old

Molly, you are going to sleep as 3 year old toddler, but will wake up a 4 year old ready for preschool. You accomplished a lot this past year including potty training, learning to dress yourself, gaining independence, writing your name, learning your colors, the alphabet and so much more. You are a social butterfly who is kind to everyone and have a great love for learning. You love to say your prayers, read scriptures, and go to Primary.
We are very proud of you and love you more than we could ever imagine. Thank you for completing our family. We look forward to celebrating another big milestone in your life with your 4th birthday tomorrow. Sweet dreams........


While vacationing in Island Park, we spent one of the days in Yellowstone. Miriam's husband couldn't join us on the trip, and Alysha's husband had to go back to work so Kenn was the only man while we visited the national park. Our group included Kenn, myself, Miriam, Alysha, and 9 children (Alexa, Jacob, Luke, Molly, Eli, Leia, Ezra, Carly, and Cassidy). Luckily we were missing 6 of Alysha's other children, otherwise things might have gotten even more out of hand.
Since Kenn was the only guy with 3 women and multiple children traveling in a 15 passenger van, we had many strange looks and people staring.
Here's some of the kids in what we named "The Polygamist Van"
We stopped at Firehole Canyon and let the kids play in the water
Here is Molly and I shortly before she fell into a deep part of the river and almost drowned
This is shortly after I jumped into the river fully clothed to pull Molly out of the river
More photos of the kids swimming
Of course what would a vacation be if I didn't post the token picture of some fat man in a Speedo swimming by us.
More pictures of Yellowstone
We are enjoying ice cream while waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.
Finally Old Faithful erupting
Miriam and Alysha- my sister wives during the trip
Miriam and her kids- Eli, Leia, and Ezra
Alysha with Carly and Cassidy
Our family at Old Faithful, Yellowstone Park
Kenn, Jolene, Alexa, Jacob, Luke, and Molly

Island Park Vacation

We had a lot of fun this summer, mostly doing activities and staycations close to home, but we were delighted to spend a couple days in August with Miriam and Alysha and their families at Alysha's cabin in Island Park.
Here's the kids in the room we stayed in.
A few pictures enjoying the cabin
We did lots of fun activities like enjoying the hot tub, swimming, golfing, catching frogs, 4-wheeling, reading, relaxing, exploring, and staying up late visiting. We even spent one of the days at Yellowstone (I'll post on that later).
This is Miriam and Alysha with their youngest Ezra and Cassidy
The boys are showing off the little frogs they caught
There was a little pond/stream down the road from the cabin. The scenery was beautiful and the water was crystal clear so we could see all the pretty rocks and even the fish.
SOOOOO much fun, we can't wait to go back!!!!