Wednesday, August 26, 2009


While vacationing in Island Park, we spent one of the days in Yellowstone. Miriam's husband couldn't join us on the trip, and Alysha's husband had to go back to work so Kenn was the only man while we visited the national park. Our group included Kenn, myself, Miriam, Alysha, and 9 children (Alexa, Jacob, Luke, Molly, Eli, Leia, Ezra, Carly, and Cassidy). Luckily we were missing 6 of Alysha's other children, otherwise things might have gotten even more out of hand.
Since Kenn was the only guy with 3 women and multiple children traveling in a 15 passenger van, we had many strange looks and people staring.
Here's some of the kids in what we named "The Polygamist Van"
We stopped at Firehole Canyon and let the kids play in the water
Here is Molly and I shortly before she fell into a deep part of the river and almost drowned
This is shortly after I jumped into the river fully clothed to pull Molly out of the river
More photos of the kids swimming
Of course what would a vacation be if I didn't post the token picture of some fat man in a Speedo swimming by us.
More pictures of Yellowstone
We are enjoying ice cream while waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.
Finally Old Faithful erupting
Miriam and Alysha- my sister wives during the trip
Miriam and her kids- Eli, Leia, and Ezra
Alysha with Carly and Cassidy
Our family at Old Faithful, Yellowstone Park
Kenn, Jolene, Alexa, Jacob, Luke, and Molly


Kristin said...

I love the polygamous family... hilarious! I'm SO glad Molly is okay! It looks like you all had a ton of fun (both at Yellowstone and Island Park). It makes me want to go on vacation there!

Aim Aug said...

Go super mom! How scary! Glad Molly is okay...and you too.

Rach said...

My two favorites: 1) Fat man in a speedo--that made my day. 2) Your family picture at the end. So cute.